USDA ORganic Certified


We are happy to announce that we are now officially “Certified Organic” by the USDA. We are certified through Natures International Certification Services, Viroqua WI. Since the beginning of our farm we have utilized only organic methods – without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides – so we are very excited to attain the next step of officially becoming USDA “Certified Organic”.


Organic methods are very important to us, and in addition to not using synthetic chemicals, these practices also ensure that our entire growing process is sustainable and natural. In the beginning of our growing season we select seeds and planting stocks that follow organic practices. As the young plants grow, our farming methods help build soil health and biodiversity, which benefits both the environment and our customers! From seed to harvest, we keep detailed records to make sure that we're following organic practices with every step of the process. 


We would not have reached this milestone without our great customers, so thank you! We look forward to continuing to provide you with fresh, local, organic produce!